LETTUCEDINE is a duo, featuring New York City natives, Alice and Lin. The duo met in high school and shared a bond over their passion for eating, photographing and posting food on their personal Instagrams. After a number of years, they hopped on the food Instagram bandwagon and from there on what started as an interest became an obsessing hobby.


// A L I C E

@askforalice | alice@lettucedine.net

Alice splits her time between Amherst, MA and New York, NY. She is currently studying Communication at University of Massachusetts- Amherst. When she is not busy running around campus with her camera, you can probably catch her bookmarking recipes on the internet or tagging her friends on hilarious videos on Facebook. She is also the mastermind behind 99% of those witty, punny captions (you know you secretly enjoy those).

Some of her favorite dishes around the city include bacon mac’n’cheese with pork rib from Annabel and any taco from Taco Mix. Alice is basically composed of doughnuts, dumplings, fried chicken and tacos, so definitely hit up her for recommendations! PS. Alice is a master at cutting watermelon.


// L I N D A

@hailinda | lin@lettucedine.net

Lin is constantly ‘running’ (walking) around New York City. She is a Marketing and Information Systems student at Fordham University. When she is not snacking on everything in sight, you can definitely find her with a cup of coffee in her hand instead. She also likes to RSVP to about every event on Facebook and follows way too many puppies on Instagram. Lin has an interest for interior decor, people watching and napping.

Unlike Alice, Lin obsesses over pasta/noodles, corn on (and off) the cob and Korean BBQ. She also lives for Alice’s baked cookies but a pack of Tate’s cookies will do when she’s away. Lin can probably eat Great NY Noodle Town‘s wonton and roast pork noodle soup and Bar Virage‘s rosewater pancakes every single day.